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prestressed concrete steel strand


prestressed concrete steel strand

2021/07/20 09:36
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Prestressing Post Tensioning Construction Stressing 12.7mm 15.2mm PC Steel Strand Wire

PE coated low relaxation PC strands are widely used in post tensioning prestressed concrete  structure, like cable stay bride or PT slabs. It is characterized by having no need of room for future expansion and grout, convenient construction, material saving and easily bending etc.

We could offer international standards like ASTM A416, BS 5896, EN 10138 etc.

Coil weight is suitable for cutting around 1-3 tons, other coil weight available as well. Normally strand placed as eye-to-sky when loading. Each coils packed with steel strips and woven bag to protect the strand from damage.


Raw Material of Coating of Unbonded Strand is High Density Polyethylene(GB11116-89).

No melting or crack but still tenacious when temperature I s from -20  to +70 ;

Stable chemical performance;

No corrosion to surrounding material(like concrete steel and coating material);

No water permeating, no diluting, but good water proof performance;

Good anti-corrosion performance;

Good lubricating performance and low friction;


Special Grease for Unbonded Strand(JG3007-93)

No solidification at low temperature when it changes from -20  to +70 ;

Tenacious enough and good anti-damage performance;

No corrosion to surrounding material, such as concrete and steel;

Good water proof performance.

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