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Soft seal material multiple diversity, in general


Soft seal material multiple diversity, in general

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2019/03/01 08:51
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GMC Limited launched its Intelligently Connected Pipe (ICP) concept at ONS 2012 (which takes place in Stavanger 28–31 August).
“ICP is a major step forward in riser technology as it allows GMC to deliver fatigue resistant, lightweight, non-welded steel risers,” explained Toby Bailey, European Sales and Marketing Manager.
“We are delighted to be able use the ONS event as a platform to showcase this ground breaking technology, which can remove all welding from riser and flowline construction.”
By machining the GMC mechanical connector directly onto ‘upset’ OCTG pipe joints, all welding can be removed from a steel riser system. This permits both a significant increase in fatigue life (by a factor of over 20 in comparison to a welded riser system) and the use of high grades of steel such as P110 and Q125 in riser construction to give weight savings of over 50 per cent in comparison to a standard X65 SCR.
The use of mechanical connections in the construction of a riser also simplifies and speeds-up offshore installation reducing the overall cost of an offshore development.
In addition, the connected riser can be deployed from a wide range of suitable vessels or rigs using modular equipment, and does not require a specialized installation vessel - this further reduces costs and enables more flexibility in scheduling of the work.
“The innovative ICP technology can be used in both flowlines and risers, but we believe that its advantages are most significant for future Ultra Deep Water (UDW) developments,” said Mr Bailey.
“ICP allows GMC to deliver lightweight, fatigue resistant and durable risers from field proven materials which are all key requirements for such projects.”
Further information on ICP, and the range of products and services available from GMC, is available from stand #M1176 and also at www.gmcltd.net.
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